Virtual cards for payments worldwide

Bank cards for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Tik-Tok, Taboola, as well as for paying for USA, EU services and subscriptions. Main image

How to work with us:

Выбирайте БИН

Choose BIN

We have different bins: USD and EUR; to pay for advertising and USA, EU services, subscriptions. Choose the one that suits you.

Свяжитесь с менеджером

Contact the manager

As soon as you register and decide on a bin, write to our personal manager. He will answer all questions and help verify your account.

Пополните баланс

Top up your balance

Request details from your personal manager to replenish your personal account. Funds will be credited to the BIN you selected.



How long does it take to replenish?

On average, from the moment you provide the transaction hash until funds are credited to your account, 10-20 minutes pass.

Do you provide statements of transactions for the reporting period?

Yes, your statement is available in your personal account.

What are your limits for creating cards?

From 5 to 100 cards, depending on the amount of your deposit. To increase the limit, you can contact your personal manager.

Do you have 3DS Password and 3DS SMS?

Cards support 3D secure.

Is it possible to receive refunds on card payments?

Yes, available, returned funds will be credited to the total balance of BINa, even if the card is blocked.

Do you have team functionality?

Yes, you will be able to connect team members from the admin account and give them access to the necessary BINs.

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